30 Free Vector Pattern Swatches

Vector Pattern Swatches

Each week I give away free vector files that I find on the web. This week, I have a freebie of my own. I created a 30 vector pattern swatches that you can use in your designs. These patterns are infinitely scalable, and they will always fill each shape completely, no matter what size it is. These free vector patterns are great for all types of occasions. I have created a mix of different styles, so you can find a few that work for your project. Below, you can see a preview of the different vector pattern swatches that you can download.

Blue Geometric vector pattern swatches Grey Gears vector pattern swatches Grey Gears shading vector pattern swatches Red Stripes vector pattern swatches Blue Stripes vector pattern swatches Yellow Stripes vector pattern swatches Red and Blue Plaid vector pattern swatches Mixed Plaid vector pattern swatches Mixed Plaid 2 vector pattern swatches Color Stripes vector pattern swatches Fun Stripes vector pattern swatches Bright stripes vector pattern swatches Sunny fun vector pattern swatches Tile Blue vector pattern swatches Criss Cross vector pattern swatches Purple wave vector pattern swatches Orange Chain vector pattern swatches Orange Geometry vector pattern swatches Purple Geometry vector pattern swatches Triangle Geometric vector pattern swatches Red and Blue Geometry vector pattern swatches beacon free pattern swatches-23 beacon free pattern swatches-24 beacon free pattern swatches-25 beacon free pattern swatches-26 beacon free pattern swatches-27 beacon free pattern swatches-28 beacon free pattern swatches-29 beacon free pattern swatches-30 beacon free pattern swatches-31

As you can see, there are all types of different patterns included in this set. You have a few vertical stripe patterns in different colors. There are also a few interesting geometric patterns that you can download. My personal favorite is the blue and red geometric pattern. There are also several plaid pattern sets with mixed and matched colors.

You’ll also find a few tile patterns in vertical, horizontal, and diagonal. I also created a few offset patterns as well, such as the abstract sun vector pattern swatch. I threw in a few wildcard patterns as well, such as the vertical overlapping stripes and the gears. These free vector pattern swatches can be used in personal and commercial projects.

Download 30 Vector Pattern Swatches

These are 100% free. All you have to do is click the green download button below and they are yours! To use them, click the flyout menu in your Swatches Panel in Illustrator and click on “other library…” and click on the file you downloaded. Just be sure to unzip it first.



  1. Great patterns. Awesome work! Thanks so much. Kathryne

  2. Hi, I’m an apprentice graphic designer and your blog is really useful to me. I was just wondering if these patterns are free for commercial use or just personal?

    • Free for both. Enjoy! I only ask that if you like them enough to use them, maybe you could share this post via Facebook or Twitter to help spread the word, but it certainly isn’t required. Thanks!

  3. Hi, i stumbled upon your website while looking for ideas. Really useful. Can i use your patterns in my commercial or personal use? thank u so much 😉

  4. Hi, i unzip the files but no photos/vectors when i tried to open using my adobe photoshop. TQ

  5. You are amazing for starters. I found you on Google+, I just started using/learning it as facebook is just so… well, boring. Anyway, I could create a brick swatch, something like for a pizza place, firebrick per say, But I am kinda on a time frame and I just had major spine surgery on Aug, 26th. I lay in bed and work on projects 😉 would you have anything of that nature available for download? Just wondering, if not I will just take the time and create something. I also bookmarked your site so later I can get a little more reading in. Thank You in advance, for your awe inspiring contributions to us novices and intermediates. You are a Blessing!

  6. There’s nothing in the file – what a waste of time!

  7. Okay everyone, the Illustrator file looks blank, but what’s happening is that it is storing the pattern swatches in your library. Go to your Swatches Panel and go to your swatches library, select Use defined and choose beacon free. There will be ALL of the swatches that you need.


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