Best Cheat Sheets for Designers

The Best Cheat Sheets

If any of you have tried to learn a programming language or a coding language, then you understand how tough it is. It’s like learning another speaking language. Certain things mean one thing and other things stand for, or represent other things. Something that can help you to remember all of the different code phrases is called a cheat sheet. Cheat sheets are PDFs you can print out and use as a reference when you get stuck. Like everything, learning a coding language takes practice and repetition. There are a ton a free cheat sheets online. I put together a list of the best cheat sheets for designers.



Html5 Canvas

best cheat sheets: html5 canvas

Html5 (Smashing Magazine)

html5-smashing - best cheat sheets

Html5 Visual Cheat Sheet (Woork)

html5 Visual - best Cheat sheets

CSS3 Cheat Sheet (Smashing Magazine)

css3 cheat sheet

WordPress Cheat Sheets (Tut+)

Wordpress cheat sheet

Photoshop Keyboard Shortcuts


Illustrator CS6 Cheat Sheet


jQuery (Interactive!)

jQuery cheat sheet

PHP (Active Links!)

PHP Cheat sheet

This collection should get you started in learning graphic design and web design languages. These cheat sheets are made for you to be able to print out and put up on your walls. You can use them as a quick reference, which will encourage you to dive deeper and and deeper into understanding the language. When you can simply glance up at something, it is much easier than having to flip to another window on your computer. It’s also easier than having to thumb through a folder, too. Having it right in front of you will enable you to learn the syntax, or sequence of the language.

Which cheat sheet are you going to download first? Keyboard shortcuts are always handy, so my choice may be those. I also really like the cheat sheets with clickable links, so you can learn more about each part. This will only make you better much quicker. If you have a cheat sheet you’d liek to share, post the link in the comments section below.

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