Crop One Large Photo Creatively to Create Multiple photos for a Design

When we are designing a layout, sometimes it can be difficult and time consuming to find multiple images for a layout that will work together and create a sense of unity to our design. There are so many resources available, such as the stock photography web sites, or we can hire a professional photographer. It really depends on our budget and the circumstances.

A good way to create a sense of unity to a design is to have imagery that works well together to create a cohesive design. They may have a similar look and feel, or they may look like they were shot by the same photographer. They may also have the same sense of style, or they may all be shot the same way, with the same lighting. One way to achieve this sense of unity easily is to take one high resolution image, and crop it creatively in multiple places to create a unified design piece. This particularly works well on a spread.

The image below has a few distinct areas where we can cut and crop in order to take advantage of this method.

I created a generic layout to show how the method can be implemented to create a design that has unified photography, making the design cohesive. The photos have the same colors, the same lighting, and different scenery to view in each shot.

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