How To Design And Create Flyers And Track Their Success

Designing a flyer is something that can really help your businesses print marketing attempts and be of significant benefit to your business. Well-designed flyers can greatly complement quality print campaigns and provide maximum impact that connects and inspires customers.

One of the key elements of great flyer design is that it is created with a particular recipient in mind and aims to connect with that customer, as well as really give them a good idea of what your business is about. So, let’s take a closer look at vital things to include when looking to create a successful flyer.

Flyers Should be Readable

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Though it may sound like an obvious and also a fundamental thing designing a flyer to ensure that it’s readable is something that often is overlooked. You want your flyer to be presented in a clear way and avoid visual clutter. No matter how creative you are or how creative you want your flyer to be this is a priority and you must display vital information clearly. Remember restrict the use of fonts on your flyer and don’t use any more than two to get the best possible professional result. It’s perfectly okay to use bold and italic versions to complement the normal version of these fonts – this gives you variation.



Images do make a flyer and quality visuals will really help make your flyer stand-out. Once again, it may seem obvious, but make sure your images are apt to the industry at hand to some degree. Sometimes being too clever causes problems – so aim for simple over overly complex every time. One image or photo may work a lot better and create a far stronger visual impact than a number of images and illustrations.


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Colour can be a great element and really help you stand head and tails above your competition. Our designers at Guaranteed Leaflet Distribution would suggest that you use it in conjunction with the company branding to ensure that you not only attract attention but also that it’s an additional branding element.

Flyers Need a Call to Action

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Getting people to act in a positive manner towards your flyer is the means to an end and you need a call to action to encourage this. Classic options here are ‘order now’ or ‘buy now’. One of the best ways to encourage call to actions is through the use of discounts for using the flyer.

We’d advise you to get creative with the flyer and take an innovative but once again, a simple approach. Flyers need to be easy to read and understand to make the most from them.

Track Success

Of course, offline marketing has long been hard to track and the number of leads or successes that you get from it can be hard to determine. However, there are some ways that you can get a good idea nowadays thanks to social media and other means.

  • Custom or vanity URLs are a great way to tracked offline marketing. By simply setting up a page for the flyer specifically you get an idea of how successful it is.
  • QR codes can help here too. Attaching a QR code to a flyer and having it link to a specific landing page allows you to also see how many people have accessed yoru site through the flyer.
  • Codes – adding a code to the flyer for money off an order or to aid completion of a form will give you an idea of the number of leads you receive from the flyer.

These are some good ways to get a rough idea of how successful the flyer was and allow you to track it to some degree.

Flyers are a fantastic way to advertise your business and though they seem rudimentary in this day and age they still provide plenty of success.

By Cormac Reynolds

Cormac Reynolds is a lover of design and enjoys creating leaflets and other print items. He also loves tech and sports.

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