Free CSS3 DropDown Menu

Looking for a free CSS3 Dropdown menu for your site?

I have put together a free CSS3 dropdown menu for anyone to download and use on their site. It uses the latest in CSS3 techniques, including gradients, which aren’t so easy to create from scratch or from memory. You can download my free CSS3 dropdown menu and use it in any or all of your sites, or you can just download it and dissect it to learn how to style your own dropdown menu. Below is a screenshot of how the menu will look. To add items to the menu, simply edit the html and add list items to the current menu, change the text for each menu, etc.

What makes creating a CSS3 dropdown menu so difficult is that in order to display a gradient in most modern browsers, it requires a lot of code that most people simply can’t remember. Having a file such as the free CSS3 dropdown menu that I am providing will let you change the parts that you need to in order to make it work for your site, without having to code a new dropdown menu from scratch. I hope that you will enjoy this free resource and that it will save you tons of time and effort, so you can work on building sites and worry less about writing long strings of CSS3 code. If you have questions about CSS3, visit the W3C.

If you like my free menu, I will be giving away more free stuff, writing tutorials, industry related news and articles, and would love to provide more resources, such as the free CSS3 Dropdown Menu above. If you would like to receive resources like this on a regular basis, please be sure to sign up for my weekly newsletter via the form in the sidebar. Thank you!

Download CSS3 Dropdown Menu

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