Free Vector Vintage Design Elements

Vintage Design Elements

Everyone loves the nostalgia of vintage. There’s just something about the look of something aged. It adds to the sense of establishment and authenticity of a design or product. The vintage look speaks of tradition and craftsmanship that just doesn’t seem to be present today. Our designs used to be intricate, complicated and carefully hand crafted. Now, our choice designs seem to be sleek, simplified and even more recently, flat. I have compiled a collection of vintage design elements that you can use to add vintage flair to your designs. You’ll enjoy these resources, because they are vector shapes, so you can use them in print and web design work. Below is a preview of these vintage design elements.

Vintage Vector Ornaments

floral elements vintage design elements

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Floral Vintage design elements

This is a nice array of vintage floral ornaments that would look great on a vintage style document, or a formal design application. The delicate shapes, such as leaves and flowers make this a great set.

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Scrolls vintage design elements

If you like vintage lettering and scroll work, then this delicate text collection is for you. These elements would be great frames for any vintage text that you might use. It would be especially beautiful for an old style shop sign.

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Floral Pattern vintage design elements

This vintage floral pattern is well crafted and will tile seamlessly in your designs. I love how the swirls go back and forth in the design and counterbalance each other.

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Retro vintage design elements

This is a great collection of vintage design elements that you can use separately or combine with each other to create a great vintage inspired design.

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Wedding vintage design elements

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decorative floral vector design elements

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Lovely Floral Vector Design Elements

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seamless vintage floral pattern

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mix of vintage vector elements

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vintage vector ornamental design

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vintage vector ornaments

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