New Awesome Free Fonts April 2014

Awesome Free Fonts

Everybody loves awesome free fonts. Nothing spices up your daily routine like a new collection of awesome free fonts. Sometimes, you get tired of using the same old fonts over and over and over again. There really is no excuse for this because there are thousands and thousands of free fonts available online. However it could be difficult sometimes to choose which ones are good from the ones that are terrible. Everybody that owns a vector drawing program thinks that they can make a font. However, sometimes designers will make a standout font that really makes your day. I’ve compiled a collection of nine awesome free fonts that you’ll love using in your designs today.


awesome free fonts: campton

Campton is an awesome free font that is bold and has a strong presence. Campton would be a great font for a headline or for a display message. There are 18 weights in the Campton family altogether, but you can download 2 absolutely free. You will receive the light and the bold versions for free.



awesome free fonts: farray

Farray is a constructivist out font that speaks of the old Bauhaus movement. With sharp edges and a technical feel this font makes you think of industrialization. Farray is a great font for industrial applications.



awesome free fonts: glober

Glober is the next awesome free font that you can download. There are many weights available for purchase, but you can download the thin and bold versions for free.



aileron: awesome free fontsAileron is a clean, sophisticated phone. The thin version has very clean lines and the medium version is well-balanced.


Moderne Sans

moderne-sans: awesome free fonts

Moderne Sans is an awesome free font that looks like it was taken from the future. It is a clean sans serif typeface and will give any of your designs a sophisticated high-quality appeal.



poetsen: awesome free fonts

Poetsen is a rounded humanist font. With the random corners, the wavy areas, along with the strokes, Poetsen has a balanced personal feel. It is great for bold headlines or large personal messages. You can create a design that is friendly and personal while still being easily legible.



awesome free fonts: bosun

Bosun regular is a medium Faunt with a technical appeal. Bosun is very easy to read from small sizes to large sizes. It also doesn’t lose its quality when going from very small to very large.



awesome free fonts: simplifica

Simplifica is a thin typeface with a condensed appearance. The thin strokes of Simplifica will give your designs a chic appearance. Simplifica is a thin typeface, however the strokes are thick enough to where they aren’t difficult to read.


Boomtown Deco

awesome free fonts: boomtown_deco

One of my favorite awesome free fonts from today’s collection Boomtown Deco reminds me of the Art Deco period. With the mix of a solid fill and an in-line stroke, Boomtown Deco has a very unique appearance. When you see Boomtown Deco, you automatically are taken aback to the roaring 20s. Boomtown Deco would be great for any kind of retro design.


This collection of 9 new awesome free fonts should jump start your new design projects. Download these awesome free fonts and get started today. Your design work will look clean, sophisticated and will catch the eye of anybody who happens to see it. Which one of these awesome free fonts are your favorite? I would love to hear your opinion. Leave your thoughts in the comments section below.

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