Red Giant Software Announces Knoll Light Factory 2.7

For those of you that love good plugins, Knoll light factory is a very cool time saving addition to After Effects. The new edition works with CS5, and has a few new features as well. if you own an older version, you can upgrade for a reasonable price of $99, but if you are a first-time buyer, the price tag is $399.

The reason that Knoll Light Factory is so popular is that it renders light realistically, interacting with your view like a real light source would with a camera lens. John Knoll, the co-creator of Photoshop and the guy that brought you some of the most amazing effects in Start Wars, created these plugins to save you time and give you dimension to your projects.

The new features you will find in this edition are:

  • New Lens Designer for Adobe CS5
  • 10 new custom lenses
  • Knoll 3D Flare to easily create Lens Flares in After Effects 3D space
  • Knoll Unmult for removing black backgrounds and generating mattes
  • Support for Adobe CS5 and native 64-bit operation

Also, if you own version 2.5 or later, you qualify for a FREE upgrade. Check it out here. They also have a plugin for Photoshop that works great, too!

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