The 10 Best Photoshop Tutorial Sites

Learn Photoshop With the Best Photoshop Tutorials

Getting started in Photoshop isn’t easy. It wasn’t easy a decade ago when I got started with it. There were so many menus and filters that I didn’t know where to begin. Back when I started, the method of learning was to go buy a book, sit down, and follow the book all the way through. Believe it or not, that is also how I initially learned to build websites. A decade later, things have changed a lot, and now you can go online and take video courses. You can also surf Youtube and watch tutorials on how to do just about anything. The biggest problem isn’t finding actual tutorials, but finding quality ones that will teach you the best methods. I have compiled a list of great sites where you can find the best Photoshop tutorials.



Psdtuts+ is a great place to learn Photoshop. They feature a lot of great content, including written and video Photoshop tutorials. Each tutorial is written out thoroughly, so it won’t be likely that you’ll miss a step or get stuck trying to figure something out. They also offer premium tutorials for a minor monthly fee, but it is worth it for the really in-depth tutorials that they provide. You’ll watch Photoshop tutorial videos from some of the best Photoshop pros around.

Planet Photoshop


Planet Photoshop is one of the best places to go for quality Photoshop tutorials. Corey Barker is the man behind all of this, and he is an Instructor for the National Association for Photoshop Professionals (NAPP). His Photoshop skills are out of this world. If you just sat down and watched one of his Photoshop tutorials from start to finish each day, you’d be an expert in no time. Not only are the videos found on Planet Photoshop high quality, each project is actually fun and interesting, so you’ll be pleased with what you end up with. Along with the great Photoshop tutorials, you’ll also receive little tidbits and tips daily in your email when you subscribe.

Photoshop Lady


Photoshop Lady is a great place to go for Photoshop Tutorials. Here, you can vote on videos and add them to your favorites, making it easy to go back a view ones that you liked later. Another great thing about the site is that almost all of the tutorials found on Photoshop Lady are good quality, plus they tell you about how long it should take for you to complete each tutorial. On the left side, the tutorials are broken down into practical categories, so you can find what you are looking for quickly.


Lynda is a great place to learn almost any type of software, honestly. You can learn Photoshop, WordPress, web design, web development and much more. Lynda features top quality videos that you can watch as much as you want. The only downside is that it isn’t free. It requires you to pay a monthly membership. However, if you are serious about finding quality Photoshop tutorials, and you prefer videos, then Lynda is definitely worth the monthly price.



Napp is a another great place where you will find some of the best Photoshop tutorials available. It is a membership though, so you’ll have to pay $99 per year if you want access to them. The membership has added benefits though, like getting a magazine in the mail each month. The tutorials are hosted on a private site, which has extra features. Also, you’ll get your own space online to host your portfolio. If you break down the monthly membership, it ends up being roughly $8.25 per month, which isn’t bad if you want access to tons of great Photoshop tutorials, all in one place. Putting it into perspective, if you buy your lunch every day, if you packed your lunch once or twice per month, you could pay for the membership.

Good Tutorials


Good Tutorials features a lot of tutorials on different subjects, but they have a variety of different Photoshop tutorials. You can find anything from photo manipulations, to text effects and more.



PsHero is a good place for Photoshop tutorials. You can find a wide variety of Photoshop tutorials ranging from text effects to grunge effects. You can find tutorials about making patterns and user interfaces. You can find all types of quality effects here that are actually useful.



Tutorial9 is a great place for all types of tutorials, but if you go to their Photoshop section, they have a stellar collection of different Photoshop tutorials. You’ll learn how to design layouts, interfaces, icons, vintage, text effects and much more. if you sift through these for a while, you’re bound to find something that you like.

Psd Learning


Psd Learning is another site that features a wide variety of Photoshop tutorials. You’ll find all kinds of interesting tutorials ranging from realistic product design to text effects, collages, retro effects and more. This is a great place to get going if you are a new/intermediate Photoshop user.

Photoshop Tutorials


Photoshop Tutorials is another great place to learn Photoshop. They have a wide variety of tutorials and resources that anyone could use. There are giveaways, resources, freebies, textures, and more. You will also learn text effects, photo manipulation, cartooning and much more. The site is laid out very clean and the tutorials are well written.


If you want to learn Photoshop quickly and easily, the sites above are all great choices. Learning for free is most peoples choice, but there are a couple of really stand out paid sites that you might consider as well. My favorite two are Psdtuts+ and Planet Photoshop, as they always have unique Photoshop tutorials. I am very experienced with Photoshop, but I still learn something new every time I go to either one of those sites.

What is your favorite site to visit for new Photoshop tutorials? If you have a good source, share it in the comments section below.

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